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  • noun
    plural silks
    a smooth, soft, and shiny cloth that is made from thread produced by silkworms also; :the thread that is used to make silk [count]
    a dress (madeof blue silk
    pure silk
    Her hair is as smooth as silk. [=very smooth] - often used before another noun
    a silk blouse/scarf
    [noncount] :the thread that is produced by a spider
    the silk of a spider's web
    spider silk
    [noncount] :the thin strings in an ear of corn
    corn silk
    silks [plural] :the cap and shirt worn by a jockey
    Brit :a lawyer who has reached the highest rank :a Queen's Counsel or King's Counsel [count]
    He took silk [=reached the highest barrister's rankin 2001.

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