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  • noun
    plural shits
    [noncount] :solid waste that is passed out of the body
    [singular] :the act of passing solid waste from the body - used in the phrases take a shit and (Brit) have a shit;
    c the shits :diarrhea
    [noncount] offensive :foolish or untrue words or ideas :nonsense
    Don't give me that shit!
    Why are you telling me this shit?
    He's full of shit. [=he is lying]
    [noncount] offensive :something that is worthless, unimportant, etc.
    That movie was total shit.
    We need to get rid of all that shit [=junkin the basement.
    [noncount] offensive :bad or unfair behavior or treatment
    Do what I sayand don't give me any shit.
    [count] offensive :a very bad or annoying person
    He's been acting like a total shit.
    a the shit - used for emphasis after words like beat, scare, surprise, etc.
    I'm going to beat/kick the (living) shit out of you!
    She surprised the shit out of me.
    b - used as an interjection
    Shit! I dropped my coffee!
    Oh, shit. Here she comes.
    get/pull your shit together
    US offensive :to begin to live in a good and sensible way :to stop being confused, foolish, etc.
    give a shit
    offensive :to care at all about someone or something - usually used in negative statements
    I don't give a shit what happens.
    in deep shit
    also Brit in the shit
    offensive :in a lot of trouble
    If his parents find outhe'll be in deep shit.
    like shit
    offensive :very bad
    The food tasted like shit. :very badly
    She treats him like shit.
    If you feel like shit, you feel very sick, unhappy, etc.
    I got drunk at the partyand the  morning I felt like shit. [=I felt sick]
    When I saw how badly I had hurt his feelingsI felt like shit.
    no shit
    offensive - used to show that you are surprised or impressed by what has been said
    It's cold out thereNo shit. [=no kidding]
    shit happens
    offensive - used to say that bad things happen as part of life and cannot be prevented;
    the shit hits the fan
    offensive - used to describe what happens when people find out about something that makes them very angry
    I told him I was dropping out of school and the shit hit the fan.
    shits; shit or shat ; shitting
    [no obj] offensive :to pass solid waste from the body :defecate
    [+ obj] US offensive :to try to deceive or trick (someone)
    shit yourself
    or US shit your pants
    offensive :to become so afraid, surprised, worried, etc., that you defecate
    He jumped out from behind a tree and I nearly shit my pants.

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