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  • verb
    /ˈʃaɪn/ shines; shone /ˈʃoʊn, Brit ˈʃ{scriptainv}n/ or chiefly US shined; shining
    [no obj] :to give off light
    [no obj] :to have a smooth surface that reflects light
    not used in progressive tenses [no obj] :to be very good or successful at an activity
    She found a sport where she can really shine.
    [no obj] :to have a bright, glowing appearance
    [+ obj] :to point (something that produces light) in a particular direction
    past tense and past participle shined [+ obj] :to make (something) bright and shiny by polishing
    make hay while the sun shines
    xem hay
    rise and shine
    informal - used to tell someone to wake up and get out of bed
    C'monkidsRise and shine!
    shine through
    [phrasal verb]
    to be seen, expressed, or shown clearly
    [singular] the brightness that results when light is reflected from a surface
    the shine of polished silver
    He had a nice shine on his shoes. - see also sunshine
    the act of polishing a pair of shoes
    Would you like a shine? - see also shoeshine
    rain or shine
    xem rain
    take a shine to
    informal :to begin to like (someone or something)
    She really took a shine to [=took a liking toher new neighbor.

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