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sentimental /ˌsɛntəˈmɛntn̩/  

  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    based on, showing, or resulting from feelings or emotions rather than reason or thought
    He has a sentimental attachment to his old high school.
    She saved her wedding gown for sentimental reasons.
    He has sentimental ideas about the past.
    A sentimental journey is a visit to a place that was once very familiar and that brings back memories of the past.
    They took a sentimental journey to Englandthe country where they had met.
    Something that has sentimental value is important to someone because of its connection with a happy time of life, a special person, etc.
    I keep this picture because it has sentimental value for me.
    appealing to the emotions especially in an excessive way
    a sentimental melodrama
    having or expressing strong feelings of love, sadness, etc., in a way that may seem foolish or excessive
    a sentimental person
    I tend to get very sentimental when I think about my childhood.

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