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secretary /ˈsɛkrəˌteri/  /Brit ˈsɛkrətri/

  • noun
    plural -taries
    [count] a person whose job is to handle records, letters, etc., for another person in an office
    You can set up an appointment with my secretary.
    He works as a legal secretary.
    She is our executive/administrative secretary. [=a secretary with some management duties] - see also press secretary
    a person in a club or other organization who is in charge of keeping letters and records
    He was the club's secretary.
    a US :an official who is selected by the President and is in charge of a particular department of the government
    the Secretary of Commerce
    the Treasury Secretary
    b Brit :a government official who helps a minister, an ambassador, etc.
    He is a junior secretary at the embassy.
    c Brit :secretary of state 2 - see also foreign secretary

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