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  • noun
    plural scouts
    [count] or Scout
    boy scout
    girl scout
    a soldier, airplane, etc., that is sent to get information about the size, location, equipment, etc., of an enemy
    a person whose job is to search for talented performers, athletes, etc.
    a baseball scout - see also talent scout
    good scout
    US informal + somewhat old-fashioned :a person who is friendly, kind, helpful, etc.
    He's a good scout. [=good egg]
    scouts; scouted; scouting
    a always followed by an adverb or preposition [no obj] :to search an area or place for something or someone
    [+ obj] :to explore (an area) in order to find information about it
    to watch or look at (someone or something) in order to decide if that person or thing is suited for a particular job or purpose [+ obj]

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