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  • verb
    scans; scanned; scanning
    [+ obj] :to look at (something) carefully usually in order to find someone or something
    to look over or read (something) quickly [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to look at the inside of (something) by using a special machine
    to use a special machine to read or copy (something, such as a photograph or a page of text) into a computer [+ obj]
    scan in the number
    The bar code won't scan. [=the machine is unable to read the bar code]
    [no obj] technical of a poem :to have a correct or regular rhythm
    These lines do not scan.
    plural scans
    [count] the act or process of scanning something: such as
    the act of looking at something carefully or quickly - usually singular
    a careful scan of the area
    She gave the list a quick scan.
    the act or process of using a special machine to see the inside of something (such as a part of the body)
    a picture of the inside of something that is made by a special machine
    The doctor examined the bone scans. - see also cat scan

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