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  • noun
    plural sands
    [noncount] :the very tiny, loose pieces of rock that cover beaches, deserts, etc.
    a grain of sand
    I have sand in my shoe. - see also quicksand
    [noncount] :an area of sand
    She walked across the hot sand.
    b sands [plural] literary :the beach or desert
    head in the sand
    xem head
    shifting sands
    used to refer to changes that happen as time passes
    the sands of time
    used to refer to the passage of time
    sands; sanded; sanding
    to make the surface of something smooth by rubbing it with sandpaper [+ obj]
    You should sand the shelf before painting it. - often + down
    Sand down the table. [no obj]
    Be sure to sand before you paint the shelf.
    [+ obj] US :to spread sand over (an icy street, sidewalk, etc.) :to cover (something) with sand

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