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  • verb
    rinses; rinsed; rinsing
    [+ obj] to wash (something) with clean water and without soap
    Rinse out your mouth.
    Rinse (offthe apple before you eat it.
    rinse (outa cup
    to wash (something) with a liquid other than clean water
    always followed by an adverb or preposition :to remove (something) from an object by washing the object with clean water
    plural rinses
    [count] :an act of washing something with a liquid and especially with clean water
    Give the apple a rinse [=rinse the applebefore you eat it.
    liquid that is used for rinsing something [count]
    a mouth rinse [noncount]
    She dunked the dish in the rinse water.
    [count, noncount] :a dye that you put on your hair to change its color for a short time
    a bottle of hair rinse