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  • noun
    plural rhymes
    [count] :one of two or more words or phrases that end in the same sounds
    She used moon as a rhyme for June.
    He couldn't think of a rhyme for orange.
    [count] :a poem or song whose lines end in rhymes
    a catchy rhyme - see also nursery rhyme
    [noncount] :the use of rhymes in a poem or song
    He delivered the speech in rhyme. [=he used words that rhyme in the speech]
    poems that use rhyme
    rhyme or reason
    a good reason or explanation for something - used in negative statements
    There seems to be no rhyme or reason to/for some of the things he does.
    rhymes; rhymed; rhyming
    [no obj] :to have or end with the same sounds
    Please find the two lines that rhyme.
    words that don't rhyme - often + with
    [no obj] :to have lines that end with the same sounds
    poems that rhyme
    [+ obj] :to use (a rhyme) in a poem, song, etc.