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  • verb
    -volts; -volted; -volting
    [no obj] :to fight in a violent way against the rule of a leader or government
    The group threatened to revolt. - often + against
    [no obj] :to act in a way that shows that you do not accept the control or influence of someone or something - often + against
    [+ obj] :to cause (someone) to feel disgust or shock
    plural -volts
    violent action against a ruler or government :rebellion [count]
    the revolt of/by the slaves
    The peasants' revolt was crushed by the king.
    They staged a revolt, but it was quickly put down. [=they started a revolt, but it was quickly defeated] - often + against
    The leader of the group called for revolt.
    The people rose (upin revolt (against the king). [=the people fought against the king]
    something which shows that you will not accept something or will not agree to be controlled or influenced by someone or something [count]
    a revolt by consumers over high prices = a consumer revolt over high prices - often + against

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