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  • verb
    -lieves; -lieved; -lieving
    [+ obj] to reduce or remove (something, such as pain or an unpleasant feeling)
    I took a pill to relieve my headache.
    I wish I could relieve your suffering.
    What's the best way to relieve stress?
    She tried to relieve the tension by making a joke.
    to make (a problem) less serious
    relieve poverty
    We need to find ways to relieve overcrowding in our schools.
    to take the place of (someone who has been working, fighting, etc.)
    I've come to relieve the guard on duty.
    to make (something) less boring, dull, etc., by including a part that is different
    relieve of
    [phrasal verb]
    relieve (someone) of (something)
    formal :to take (something that is difficult or unpleasant) from (someone)
    informal + humorous :to steal (something) from (someone)
    to remove (someone who has done something wrong) from (a post, duty, job, etc.)
    relieve yourself
    to pass waste from your body
    He stopped the car and went out into the woods to relieve himself. [=urinate]

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    relieved, reliever