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  • noun
    plural -lays
    [count] a race between teams in which each team member runs, swims, etc., a different part of the race
    I'm running (inthe relay at tomorrow's track meet.
    the 4x100 relay [=a relay with four parts that are 100 meters each]
    the act of passing something from one person or device to another
    We set up a relay to carry buckets of water to the campsite.
    a satellite relay system
    a group of people, horses, etc., that takes the place of others so that something (such as a job or an activity) is done continuously
    technical :a device that is used to cause a switch to open or close automatically when there is a change in the current that is flowing through a circuit
    -lays; -layed; -laying
    [+ obj] :to pass (something, such a message or information) from one person or device to another
    Please relay the news to the rest of the team. - often used as (berelayed