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  • noun
    plural -ties
    [noncount] :the true situation that exists :the real situation
    He refused to face/accept reality. [=the truth]
    She's out of touch with reality. [=she does not know what is really true]
    The reality is that we can't afford to buy a house.
    He used television as an escape from reality.
    [count] :something that actually exists or happens :a real event, occurrence, situation, etc.
    They made the plan a reality. - see also virtual reality
    in reality
    in truth - used to stress that something is true or real especially when it is different from what was believed or expected
    In reality, she was 15 years younger than she looked.
    always used before a noun
    used to describe television shows in which people who are not actors are shown living with, dealing with, and often competing against each other in real-life situations

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