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  • noun
    plural queens
    [count] a woman who rules a country and who usually inherits her position and rules for life
    She was crowned queen of England.
    the reign of Queen Elizabeth
    the wife of a king
    the king and his queen
    a girl or woman who is highly respected and very successful or popular
    She's a fashion queen.
    the queen of the blues
    a girl or woman who is awarded the highest honor for an event or contest
    She was voted queen of the prom.
    the homecoming queen
    something that is thought of as female and that is considered better than all others
    This ship is the queen of all the ocean liners.
    the most powerful piece in the game of chess that can move any number of free squares in any direction - see picture at chess
    a playing card that has a picture of a queen
    a female insect (such as a bee or ant) that lays eggs
    a queen bee
    informal + offensive :a homosexual man who usually acts like a woman - see also drag queen

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