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protection /prəˈtɛkʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -tions
    [noncount] :the state of being kept from harm, loss, etc. :the state of being protected
    He fights for the protection of the environment.
    Hard hats provide protection for the workers' heads.
    The witness was placed under police protection. - often + against
    The ointment offers protection against infection. - often + from
    The law ensures your protection from illegal searches.
    something that keeps a person or thing from being harmed, lost, etc. :something that protects someone or something [count]
    She used her briefcase as a protection from the rain. [noncount] - often + against
    She used her briefcase as protection against the rain. - often + from
    [noncount] :a device (such as a condom) that is used during sex to prevent pregnancy or the spread of diseases
    Do you have protection?
    [noncount] :insurance against financial loss caused by fire, injury, damage, etc. - often + against
    [noncount] :a situation in which people (such as store owners) pay money to criminals so that the criminals will not hurt them or damage their property
    protection money
    a protection racket

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