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  • verb
    always followed by an adverb or preposition props; propped; propping
    [+ obj] :to support (something) by placing it against something else or by placing something under it
    prop up
    [phrasal verb]
    prop up (something) or prop (something) up :to stop (something) from falling or slipping by placing something under or against it
    prop (someone) up or prop up (someone) :to give help, encouragement, or support to (someone)
    plural props
    [count] something that is used to support something and keep it in position
    someone or something that gives help or support to someone or something else
    rugby :a player who plays in a forward position on a rugby team - called also prop forward, - compare 3prop 4prop
    plural props
    [count] :an object that is used by a performer or actor or that is used to create a desired effect in a scene on a stage, in a movie, etc.
    The only stage props were a hanging lightbulb and a wooden chair. - compare 2prop 4prop
    plural props
    [count] informal :propeller - compare 2prop 3prop

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