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  • noun
    plural ports
    a town or city where ships stop to load and unload cargo [count]
    Boston is a major U.S. port. [noncount]
    The ship is now in port but will be leaving port soon.
    a place where ships can find shelter from a storm [count]
    The ship spent two days in port. - compare 2port 3port 4port
    any port in a storm
    used to say that you will use anyone or anything for comfort, help, etc., when you are in a bad situation
    [noncount] :the side of a ship or aircraft that is on the left when you are looking toward the front
    The ship turned to port. - compare starboard - compare 1port, 3port, 4port
    plural ports
    [count, noncount] :a strong, sweet, usually dark red wine that is made in Portugal - compare 1port 2port 4port
    plural ports
    [count] :a place where you can connect a piece of equipment (such as a printer or mouse) to a computer - compare 1port 2port 3port

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