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  • adverb
    technical :exactly straight down or up :in a perfectly vertical position
    He set the board plumb.
    US informal + old-fashioned :to a complete degree :completely
    I plumb forgot about the party.
    We were plumb [=totallyexhausted after the game.
    informal :exactly, directly
    The island is located plumb [=rightin the middle of the lake.
    [more ~; most ~] technical :exactly vertical :standing perfectly straight and not leaning in any way
    The chimney is out of plumb. = The chimney is off plumb. [=not straight uprightleaning to one side]
    plumbs; plumbed; plumbing
    [+ obj] a literary :to examine (something) in a careful and complete way in order to understand it
    to experience or reach (something)
    to install pipes for sinks, toilets, etc., in (a building or room)
    to connect (something, such as a sink) to a water supply
    plumb in
    [phrasal verb] chiefly Brit plumb (something) in or plumb in (something) :to connect (something) to a water supply

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