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  • verb
    always followed by an adverb or preposition plops; plopped; plopping
    [no obj] :to fall, drop, or move with a sound like something dropping into liquid
    [+ obj] :to drop (something) into a liquid so that it makes a splashing sound
    to sit or lie down in a heavy or careless way :to allow your body to drop heavily or carelessly [no obj]
    [+ obj] :to drop or place (something or someone) in a heavy or careless way :plunk
    plop down
    [phrasal verb]
    plop down (money) or plop (money) down US informal :to pay or spend (money)
    I can't afford to just plop down [=plunk down] $30 for a T-shirt.
    plural plops
    [count] :the sound made when something (such as a small object) drops into liquid - usually singular
    The rock landed in the water with a plop.