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  • noun
    [noncount] :a strong feeling of sadness or sympathy for someone or something
    She has had a hard life and deserves your pity.
    I felt deep pity for the lost dog.
    [singular] :something that causes sadness or disappointment
    It's a pity [=shameyou can't go. = Pity (thatyou can't go. [=I'm sorry that you can't go]
    I'll be out of town on that daya (great) pity, since I'd love to see you.
    He didn't live to see his daughter grow upand that's a pity.
    more's the pity
    unfortunately - used to say that something is disappointing
    Did you get to see her before she leftNomore's the pity. [=I regret that I didn't get to see her]
    take pity on
    to feel pity for (a person or animal) and do something to help
    I took pity on the stray cat and fed him.
    pities; pitied; pitying
    [+ obj] :to feel pity for (someone or something) :to feel sorry for (someone or something)
    I pity anyone who has to work at that place.

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