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  • noun
    plural pills
    [count] a small, rounded object that you swallow and that contains medicine, vitamins, etc.
    She took a pill for her headache.
    The drug is available as a pill or a liquid.
    diet pills - see also pep pill, poison pill, sleeping pill, sugar pill
    b the pill :a pill that a woman takes so that she will not become pregnant :a contraceptive in pill form
    She is on the pill. [=she is taking birth control pills regularly] - see also morning-after pill
    US informal :an annoying person - usually singular
    Don't be such a pill.
    (a) bitter pill (to swallow)
    xem bitter
    sugar/sweeten the pill
    to make an unpleasant thing less difficult to accept or deal with
    pills; pilled; pilling
    [no obj] of a sweater, fabric, etc. :to begin to have small balls of fiber on the surface usually after having been worn or used many times

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