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  • noun
    plural -pers
    [noncount] :a food seasoning that is made by grinding the dried berries of an Indian plant along with their hard, black covers :black pepper
    Please pass the salt and pepper.
    freshly ground pepper - see also cayenne pepper, salt-and-pepperwhite pepper
    [count] :a hollow vegetable that is usually red, green, or yellow and that is eaten raw or cooked
    see color picture - see also bell pepper, green pepper, red pepper, sweet pepper
    peppers; peppered; peppering
    [+ obj] :to add pepper to (food)
    You need to pepper the stew more.
    pepper with
    [phrasal verb]
    pepper (someone or something) with (something) :to hit (someone) repeatedly with your fists or with objects
    pepper (something) with (something)
    to put a small amount of (something) on many different parts of (a surface) - usually used as (be) peppered with
    to put something in many places in (a story, speech, etc.)

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