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  • noun
    /ˈpɛni/ pl US pennies /ˈpɛniz/ or Brit pence /ˈpɛns/
    [count] a pl pennies :a coin or a unit of money equal to {frac1/100} of a dollar :cent
    b pl pence :a coin or a unit of money equal to {frac1/100} of a British pound - abbr. p;
    c pl pence :a British coin used before 1971 that was equal to {frac1/12} of a shilling - abbr. p;
    a small amount of money
    the least amount of money
    I didn't have a penny (to my name). [=I did not have any money at all]
    (a) penny for your thoughts
    used to ask what someone is thinking about
    a penny saved
    The saying a penny saved (is a penny earned) means that it is important to save your money.
    Wellyou know what they say about a penny saved.
    a pretty penny
    a large amount of money
    That will cost a pretty penny. [=that will be very expensive]
    in for a penny, in for a pound
    Brit - used to say that you should finish what you have started to do even though it may be difficult or expensive
    If you want to quitI'll understandNoI'm sure we can do thisIn for a penny, in for a pound.
    not a penny less/more
    no less or no more than a certain amount of money
    I'll do the job for 100 dollars and not a penny less. [=I won't do the job unless I am paid at least 100 dollars]
    I'll pay you 100 dollars and not a penny more. [=I'll pay you 100 dollarsbut I won't pay you any more than that]
    pinch pennies
    xem pinch
    ten a penny
    xem ten
    the penny drops
    Brit informal - used to say that someone finally understands something after not understanding it for a time

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