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  • noun
    plural -cils
    an instrument used for writing and drawing that has a hard outer part and a black or colored center part [count]
    Use a pencil instead of a pen so you can erase your mistakes. [noncount]
    Write your answers in pencil. [=using a pencil] - often used before another noun
    a pencil sketch
    a pencil sharpener [=a device used to make the tip of a pencil sharp so that it can be used for writing]
    plural -cils; US -ciled or Brit -cilled; US -ciling or Brit -cilling
    [+ obj] :to draw or write (something) with a pencil
    pencil in
    [phrasal verb]
    pencil (someone or something) in or pencil in (someone or something) :to put (someone or something that may be changed later) on a schedule, list, etc.

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