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  • noun
    [plural] chiefly US :a piece of clothing that covers your body from the waist to the ankle and has a separate part for each leg
    a pair of pants [=trousers]
    short/long pants
    see color picture
    Brit :underpants
    ants in your pants
    xem ant
    by the seat of your pants
    xem seat
    keep your pants on
    US informal - used to tell someone to be patient
    Aren't you ready to leave yetKeep your pants onI'll be ready in a minute.
    the pants off
    informal - used for emphasis after words like charm, scare, frighten, bore, and beat
    He can charm the pants off anybody. [=he is very charming]
    She scared the pants off us [=she scared us very badlywhen she phoned at 3 a.m.
    The meeting bored the pants off me.
    wear the pants
    xem wear
    with your pants down
    US informal :in an embarrassing or unprepared position

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