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  • verb
    [modal verb]
    Ought is almost always followed by to and the infinitive form of a verb. The phrase ought to has the same meaning as should and is used in the same ways, but it is less common and somewhat more formal. The negative forms ought not and oughtn't are often used without a following to.
    used to indicate what is expected
    They ought to be here by now.
    You ought to be able to read this book.
    There ought to be a gas station on the way.
    He ought to have known better.
    If my math is correctthe result ought to be zero.
    He ought to have enough money for the trip.
    She ought to be ashamed of herself.
    used to say or suggest what should be done
    You ought to get some rest.
    That leak ought to be fixed.
    You ought to do your homework.
    We ought to go now.
    We ought to get together some time soon.
    You ought to apologize.
    Children ought not [=should notrun near the pool.

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