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  • noun
    plural nuts
    [count] a small dry fruit with a hard shell that grows on trees, bushes, etc.
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    the inside part of a nut that is used as food
    The squirrel sat and ate the nut.
    [count] :a piece of metal that has a hole through it so that it can be screwed onto a bolt or screw - see picture at carpentry; see also lug nut, wing nut
    [count] informal
    a crazy or strange person
    That guy is a real nut.
    a person who is very interested in or enthusiastic about something
    nuts [plural] informal + impolite :a man's testicles
    a hard/tough nut (to crack)
    a person or thing that is difficult to deal with, understand, or influence
    The problem is a hard nut to crack.
    He's a tough nut, but I think I can get him to agree to the contract.
    nuts and bolts
    the basic parts or details of an activity, job, etc.
    soup to nuts
    xem soup

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