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  • noun
    plural -works
    [count] a system of lines, wires, etc., that are connected to each other
    a telephone/rail network - often + of
    a network of blood vessels
    a system of computers and other devices (such as printers) that are connected to each other
    He hooked up his computer to the network.
    a group of people or organizations that are closely connected and that work with each other
    a volunteer network - often + of
    a network of political allies
    a group of radio or television stations that usually broadcast the same programs
    The show is getting good ratings for the network.
    a network news program
    -works; -worked; -working
    [+ obj] :to connect (computers) in a way that allows information and equipment to be shared
    [no obj] :to talk with people whose jobs are similar to yours especially for business opportunities or advice