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  • noun
    plural needles
    [count] a small, very thin object that is used in sewing and that has a sharp point at one end and a hole for thread
    I need a needle and thread to sew the button on your shirt.
    one of the two long, thin sticks that are used in knitting and that are pointed at one end
    a very thin, pointed steel tube that is pushed through the skin so that something (such as a drug) can be put into your body or so that blood or other fluids can be taken from it
    a hypodermic needle
    a very thin tube used with a pump to put air into a ball (such as a basketball or football)
    a long, thin object that moves to point to something (such as a measurement or direction)
    The needle on the scale points to 9 grams.
    The compass needle points north.
    a leaf that is shaped like a very thin stick
    see color picture
    a very small piece of metal that touches a record and produces sound when the record is played
    the needle of a record player - see also pins and needles
    a needle in a haystack
    informal :someone or something that is very hard to find
    needles; needled; needling
    [+ obj] informal :to criticize and laugh at (someone) in either a friendly or an unkind way :tease

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