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  • verb
    -gates; -gated; -gating
    to find the way to get to a place when you are traveling in a ship, airplane, car, etc. [no obj]
    How about if you drive and I navigate? [+ obj]
    I'd need a map to navigate the city. - often used figuratively
    to sail on, over, or through an area of water [+ obj]
    He has learned to navigate in rough waters.
    to travel on, over, or through (an area or place) [+ obj]
    It took us 10 minutes to navigate through the parking lot to the exit.
    [+ obj] :to control the direction of (something, such as a ship or airplane) :steer
    computers :to go to different places on the Internet or on a particular Web site in order to find what you want [+ obj]
    You navigate this site by clicking on the pictures.
    There are a number of browsers that can be used to navigate the Web/Internet. [no obj]
    A fast connection makes it easier to navigate on the Internet.