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  • noun
    plural -teries
    [count] :something that is not known
    Where they went is a mystery. [=no one knows where they went]
    His success is something of a mystery. = His success is a bit of a mystery.
    I don't know how he did itIt's a mystery to me!
    [noncount] :the quality of being difficult to understand or explain :the quality of being mysterious
    There is an air of mystery surrounding her. = She is a woman of mystery.
    There's no mystery (to/as to/aboutwhy we're here. = It's no mystery why we're here. [=we know why we are here]
    [count] :a religious event or idea that cannot be fully understood or explained
    the mystery of creation
    [count] :a book, play, or movie that describes a crime and the process of solving it
    mystery novels/stories
    She's a mystery writer.
    [count] :someone or something whose identity has been kept secret especially in order to create interest or excitement - usually used before another noun
    You'll find a mystery prize in each box.

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