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  • noun
    plural mops
    [count] a tool for cleaning floors that has a bundle of cloth or yarn or a sponge attached to a long handle
    a large amount of tangled or untidy hair on a person's head
    a mop of hair
    mops; mopped; mopping
    to clean (a floor) with a mop [+ obj]
    [+ obj] to wipe (something that is wet)
    to wipe (a liquid) from something
    mop up
    [phrasal verb]
    mop (something) up or mop up (something) :to remove (a liquid) from a surface by using a mop, towel, etc.
    It will only take a moment to mop up the spill.
    mop up or mop (something) up or mop up (something) informal :to do the final things that are needed to complete a job or task
    Just let me mop up [=finisha few things and I'll be done.

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    mope, moped, moppet, mop-up