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  • preposition
    used to indicate that one number or amount is being subtracted from another
    10 minus 5 equals/is 5.
    informal :not having (something) :without
    He left the restaurant minus his hat.
    a fruit that looks like a peach, minus the fuzz
    plus or minus
    xem plus
    plural -nuses
    [count] informal :a problem or disadvantage
    mathematics :minus sign
    Put the minus to the left of the number.
    always used before a noun :having a value that is below zero :negative
    a minus quantity
    minus 3
    The temperature was minus 10. [=10 degrees below zero] - opposite 1plus 1
    used following a grade (such as A, B, or C) to show that the work is slightly worse than the letter by itself would indicate
    I got a B minus on my English exam.
    The teacher said I could bring the C minus up to a C if I studied more. - opposite 1plus 2
    on the minus side
    used to describe the less appealing or attractive part of something
    On the minus sidethe job doesn't pay wellbut on the plus sidethe work is easy.

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