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  • adjective
    mellower; -est
    [also more ~; most ~]
    pleasantly rich, full, or soft :not harsh, bright, or irritating
    mellow music
    a mellow golden color
    having a pleasing rich flavor that develops over time
    This wine is very mellow.
    a mellow cheese
    very calm and relaxed
    He was in a mellow mood.
    He's a very mellow guy.
    a mellow crowd
    b informal :relaxed from drinking alcohol or using drugs
    -lows; -lowed; -lowing
    to become or to cause (someone or something) to become less harsh, irritating, nervous, etc. [no obj]
    The wine needs time to mellow. [+ obj]
    mellow out
    [phrasal verb] US informal :to become relaxed and calm