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  • noun
    plural meats
    [noncount] :the flesh of an animal used as food
    She doesn't eat meat.
    a piece/slice of meat
    raw meat
    (USground meat
    meat sauce [=sauce that contains meat]
    Meat often refers specifically to the flesh of mammals or birds instead of the flesh of fish. It can also sometimes refer only to the flesh of mammals.
    She eats fish but not meat.
    The soup can be made with meat, chickenor fish.
    [count] :a type of meat
    sandwich meats - see also dark meat, luncheon meat, white meat
    [noncount] :the part of something (such as a nut) that can be eaten
    coconut meat
    [noncount] :the most important or interesting part of something
    [noncount] US :the thickest part of something (such as a baseball bat)
    He hit the ball right on the meat of the bat. - see also dead meat

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