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marshal /ˈmɑɚʃəl/  

  • noun
    plural -shals
    [count] an officer of the highest rank in some military forces - see also field marshal
    US :a federal official who is responsible for doing the things that are ordered by a court of law, finding and capturing criminals, etc.
    US :the head of a division of a police or fire department
    a fire marshal
    person who arranges and directs ceremonies or parades
    a parade marshal - see also grand marshal
    -shals; US -shaled or chiefly Brit -shalled; US -shaling or chiefly Brit -shalling
    [+ obj] to arrange (a group of people, such as soldiers) in an orderly way
    marshal the troops/forces
    to move or lead (a group of people) in a careful way
    to arrange or prepare (something, such as your thoughts or ideas) in a clear, effective, or organized way
    marshal an argument