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lunatic /ˈluːnəˌtɪk/  

  • noun
    plural -tics
    [count] informal
    old-fashioned + sometimes offensive :an insane person
    a murderous lunatic
    He was raving like a lunatic.
    informal :a person who behaves in a very foolish way
    I almost got into an accident with some lunatic on the highway.
    My boss is a complete lunatic.
    He was a lunatic out on the ski slopes. [=he was an extremely daringrecklessor aggressive skier]
    always used before a noun
    a old-fashioned + sometimes offensive :designed for insane people
    a lunatic asylum
    not sane
    a lunatic [=crazygenius
    wildly foolish
    another of his lunatic ideas
    lunatic behavior
    a lunatic risk

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