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  • verb
    -bers; -bered; -bering
    [no obj] :to move in a slow or awkward way
    a biglumbering [=slow and awkwardbureaucracy - compare 3lumber
    [noncount] US :wooden boards or logs that have been sawed and cut for use
    trees turned into lumber [=timber]
    He works for a lumber company.
    the lumber industry - see also lumbering
    Brit :large objects that are no longer used or wanted
    had a clearout of all his old lumber and finally got rid of it
    -bers; -bered; -bering
    compare 1lumber
    lumber with
    [phrasal verb]
    lumber (someone) with (something) Brit informal :to cause (someone) to have (something unwanted or unpleasant)

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