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  • adjective
    lousier; -est
    bad or poor
    She got lousy grades in high school.
    I like the workbut the pay is lousy.
    He was a lousy husband. :of poor quality :not good or skillful
    They did a lousy job.
    a lousy cook/driver
    a lousy performance - often + at or with
    He is lousy [=terribleat sports/math/cooking.
    She's lousy with kids.
    not well or healthy
    We could see that she was feeling lousy. [=feeling ill]
    He drank too much and felt lousy the  morning.
    not happy or pleased
    I feel lousy [=sorrybadabout what happened.
    not pleasant
    We've been having lousy [=rottenweather.
    It's a lousy, rainy day.
    not right or proper
    That's a lousy way to treat a friend.
    f - used to make an angry statement or description more forceful
    That lousy bastard!
    infested with lice ( - see 1louse 1)
    lousy with
    informal :having too much or too many of (something)
    Her family is lousy with money. [=her family is very rich]
    That area is lousy with tourists.