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  • noun
    plural lords
    [count] :a man who has power and authority: such as
    a man who ruled over a large area of land in the Middle Ages
    a feudal lord
    a very powerful criminal
    Lord [singular]
    a - used as a name for God or Jesus Christ
    Praise the Lord.
    Oh Lord, hear our prayers.
    Lord is used informally by itself and in phrases to make a statement or question more forceful or to express surprise, anger, etc.
    Lord, it's hot out today.
    Lord almightyis it that late already?
    Good Lord, what have they done?!
    My Lord, what were you thinking?!
    Oh my Lord! I can't believe it!
    [count] :a man who is a member of the British nobility
    He became a lord upon the death of his father.
    [noncount] Lord - used as a title for certain British noblemen and male officials of high rank
    Lord Churchill
    Lord Advocate - see also lord mayor
    the Lords Brit :house of lords
    in the year of our Lord
    xem year
    Lord help someone
    xem help
    Lord knows
    xem know
    thank the Lord
    xem thank
    lords; lorded; lording
    lord it over someone
    to act in a way that shows you think you are better or more important than someone

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