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  • noun
    plural loops
    [count] a curved part or shape made when something long and thin (such as a rope or thread) bends so that it touches or crosses over itself
    a closed loop of rope
    a wire with a loop at the end
    a loop of string/thread
    something that is shaped like a loop
    They rowed along a loop in the river.
    The road formed a loop around the pond.
    a ring or curved piece used for holding something
    a belt loop
    [count] :an action in which an airplane flies in an upright circle perpendicular to the ground
    The pilot did/performed a loop. - see also loop the loop at 2loop
    [count] :a piece of film or tape with the ends joined together so that the same pictures or sounds are repeated continuously also; :a recording that is repeated continuously
    [count] computers :a series of instructions that are repeated in a computer program until a specified condition is met
    the loop :a group of people who know about or have influence or control over something - usually used in the phrases in the loop and out of the loop
    knock/throw (someone) for a loop
    US informal :to cause (someone) to be very amazed, confused, or shocked
    The news of her death really knocked me for a loop.
    knock (something) for a loop
    US informal :to damage or ruin (something)
    loops; looped; looping
    to form or cause (something) to form a loop [no obj]
    The necklace is long enough to loop twice around my neck. [+ obj]
    to move or cause (something) to move in a high curving path [no obj]
    loop the loop
    to perform a loop in an airplane

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