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  • noun
    plural loans
    [count] :an amount of money that is given to someone for a period of time with a promise that it will be paid back :an amount of money that is borrowed
    He took out a loan (from the bankto pay for the car.
    He got a car loan.
    She needed moneyso she asked her friend for a loan.
    a student loan [=a loan that is used to pay for a student's education]
    a bank loan [=a loan that is made by a bank]
    a personal loan [=a loan that is made by a bank to someone for a personal need]
    [noncount] somewhat formal :permission to use something for a period of time
    Can I have the loan of your car? [=(more commonlycan I borrow your car?]
    on loan
    borrowed from someone or something for a period of time
    loans; loaned; loaning
    [+ obj] to give (something) to (someone) for a period of time :lend
    He loaned his car to me. = He loaned me his car. [=I borrowed his car]
    chiefly US :to give (money) to (someone) who agrees to pay it back in the future :lend
    Can you loan me $20?

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