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  • noun
    plural lips
    [count] :either one of the two soft parts that surround the mouth
    He had a cut on his lip.
    [count] :the edge of a cut or hole
    the lip of a crater
    [count] :the edge of a container especially where it is slightly spread out
    the lip of a pitcher
    [noncount] informal :rude speech in reply to someone who should be spoken to with respect
    button your lip/lips
    xem button
    fat lip
    xem fat
    lick your lips
    xem lick
    my lips are sealed
    informal - used to say that you will not tell secret information to anyone
    on everyone's/everybody's lips
    informal :being said or discussed by many people
    on the lips of
    informal :being said or discussed by (people)
    pass your lips
    xem pass
    read lips
    xem read
    smack your lips
    xem smack
    zip your lip
    xem zip

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