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  • noun
    US or chiefly Brit licence , pl -censes
    [count] :an official document, card, etc., that gives you permission to do, use, or have something
    a liquor license
    a fishing license - often used to refer specifically to a driver's license
    I have to renew my license.
    She was arrested for driving without a license.
    He lost his license after he was arrested for drunk driving.
    He had to show his license to prove his age. - see also driver's license, marriage license
    freedom to act however you want to - followed by to + verb; [noncount]
    [noncount] :the freedom of an artist, writer, etc., to change the way something is described or shown in order to produce a work of art
    [count] :a document or agreement that allows a certain number of people to use a computer program
    We have a license for 10 users.
    a license to print money
    sometimes disapproving :a way of making a large amount of money very easily
    He says that if the new law is passed it will give these companies a license to print money.
    under license
    in a business arrangement where one company gives official permission to another company to do or make something
    also Brit licence -censes; -censed; -censing
    [+ obj] to give official permission to (someone or something) to do or use something :to give a license to (someone or something)
    to give official permission for (something)
    to allow the use of (a name, property, etc.) through a formal agreement

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