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  • noun
    plural -ters
    [count] :any one of the marks that are symbols for speech sounds in written language and that form an alphabet
    the letter a
    F is the sixth letter of the English alphabet.
    [count] :a written or printed message to someone
    letters [plural] formal :literature
    [singular] :the exact meaning of something (such as a law) that is stated in writing
    [count] US :a large cloth letter that is the first letter of a school's name, that is awarded to a student for playing on a sports team, and that can be sewn onto a sweater or jacket
    He earned his letter in football.
    by letter
    by sending and receiving letters
    a relationship that began by letter
    to the letter
    exactly or precisely
    obey the law to the letter
    -ters; -tered; -tering
    [+ obj] :to write or print letters on (something) :to mark (something) with letters - usually used as (be) lettered
    [no obj] US :to earn a school letter for playing on a sports team - usually + in

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