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latitude /ˈlætəˌtuːd/  /Brit ˈlætəˌtjuːd/

  • noun
    plural -tudes
    distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees up to 90 degrees [noncount]
    a map of the world showing lines of latitude and longitude
    an island located at 40 degrees north latitude [=at a point 40 degrees north of the equator] [count]
    located at a latitude of 40 degrees north - compare longitude 1
    [count] :an imaginary line that circles the Earth at a particular latitude and that is parallel to the equator
    Madrid and New York City are on nearly the same latitude.
    [noncount] somewhat formal :freedom to choose how to act or what to do
    We weren't given much latitude in deciding how to do the job.