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  • noun
    plural laces
    [count] :a cord or string used for tying or holding things together especially; :shoelace
    [noncount] :a very thin and light cloth made with patterns of holes
    a white lace scarf
    laced; lacing
    [+ obj] :to pull a lace through the holes of (a shoe, boot, etc.)
    [no obj] :to be tied or fastened with a lace
    [+ obj] :interlace, intertwine
    [+ obj] to add a small amount of a powerful substance (such as alcohol, a drug, or a poison) to (something, such as a drink) - usually + with
    to add something that gives flavor or interest to (something) - usually used as (be) laced with

    * Các từ tương tự:
    lacerate, laceration, lace-up