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  • adjective
    not used before a noun US
    younger in age
    He is six years junior to me. = He is junior to me by six years. [=he is six years younger than I am]
    b - used chiefly in its abbreviated form Jr. to identify a son who has the same name as his father
    always used before a noun :lower in standing or rank
    She is a junior partner in the law firm.
    a junior army officer - compare senior
    always used before a noun :designed for or done by young people
    junior hockey/tennis
    plural -niors
    [count] a person who is younger than another person
    He is six years my junior. [=he is six years younger than I am] - compare senior
    a person who is of a lower rank than another person
    a US :a student in the third of four years in a high school or college
    the junior class
    b Brit :a student at a junior school
    US informal - used like a name for a male child or son
    They love to bring junior to the park.
    How did you do on the exam, junior?

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