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  • noun
    plural -lies
    a sweet and soft food made by boiling sugar and fruit juice until it is thick [count]
    He spread some jelly on his toast.
    a jar of grape jelly
    a jelly doughnut [=a doughnut with jelly inside of it] - sometimes used figuratively
    One look from her reduces me to jelly. [=makes me feel very weak and nervous]
    Shock and fear turned my legs to jelly. [=made my legs feel very weak]
    [noncount] Brit :a fruit-flavored dessert made with gelatin
    In the U.S., this kind of dessert is known by the trademark Jell-O.
    [noncount] old-fashioned :a food made from meat juices and gelatin
    a meat glaze made with stock and jelly
    a substance that is soft and thick like jelly [count]
    lubricating jelly - see also petroleum jelly

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